• These 1970 Camaro performance and restoration parts
    companies are hand picked by me. I am a 1st gen GM F-
    Body enthusiast! Check out my car show pics page or my
    69 Camaro and my 69 Firebird pics that are just below the
    ads to the right! My Hub Garage link is up top.
  • The widest tire that fits 1970 Camaro and Firebird is in a
    chart is at the bottom of the page. Put the fattest tires on
    your second generation Camaro or Firebird and see the
    how wide is the wheel size and which backspacing to use.
  • CAMARO SPECIALTIES 70 Camaros are their specialty.
    You can get things like some 1970 Camaro control arm
    bushings or even the whole control arm with the bushings
    and the ball joint already in it. They have alot more than
    that also. Click on the name to check prices and
  • illegalAutoParts.com specializes in parts that are said to
    "not be legal" on vehicles that are "pollution controlled".
    Like Nitrous oxide for your street car is illegal in most
    states. Alot of the high performance parts are typically "for
    off road use only". I would love to be able to say that my
    ride is "so bad-ass that I get my parts from illegal auto
    parts"! It is all in the name, and that name is "bad-ass"!
    Check them out for your Camaro so you too can say that
    your Camaro is bad-ass! Be sure to check with your local
    laws regarding the legalities of certain performance parts
    that you are putting on your vehicles. They do not promote
    putting illegal modifications on any street driven vehicles,
    and we do not promote it also! This is our domain name
    and we are looking for partners/vendors to get this site
  • GETCAMAROPARTS be sure to visit our store for some
    Camaro die cast cars and Chevelle die cast and Nova die
    cast. We also have Plymouth and Dodge and Ford die cast
    that are available through our advertisers! My favorites are
    the Camaro Cop cars!
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN TRACKING offers a variety of  
    tracking systems for your 68 Camaro or your motorcycle or
    dirt bike or snowmobile and ATV. Know where your rides
    are, find them after they're stolen or keep an eye on the
    kids or the spouse. Tracking  Systems start at just $175
    with no monthly fee! Click on the link, or call them at  8 8 8
    - 2 4 2 - 0 5 0 0.  Tell them you saw it on GetCamaroParts.
  • RESTORATION PARTS SOURCE  Has alot of 1970
    Camaro restoration parts and has a very easy catalogue to
    search for Camaro parts as well as most other year
    Camaro parts. Try them for a 70 Camaro door sill scuff
    plate or a 70 Camaro RS armrest pad and lots of other 70
    Camaro and 70 Camaro RS and SS parts. Click on the
    name to see prices for the 70 Camaro part that you are
    looking for.
  • COLUMBIA PARTS CO has 70 Camaro parts at
    reasonable prices and is getting aluminum Camaro body
    panels for better weight transfer. This is good for cornering
    and weight balance as most weight is on the front of the
    vehicle and with these, less weight will be on the front.
  • CLASSIC CHEVY 5-SPEED has a complete overdrive 5
    speed conversion kit for 67 to 81 Camaros. They say
    "stock shifter location" and that it is one of the Toughest 5-
    speed overdrive transmissions available. Make your drag
    race geared Camaro cruise on the highway at lower rpm's
    and get better gas mileage too.
  • NADA Is where I look up the values of my cars. If you ask
    how much is 70 Camaro SS worth? Or ask how much is a
    1970 Camaro RS worth? Click on the link then click on the
    year of the Chevy that you want to know how much is
    worth. Now click on the Chevy model for that year and then
    the options and finally the get value button. This is the
    market value that alot of the best appraisers use to
    appraise the value of a 1970 Camaro Z28.
  • CHRIS ALSTONS CHASSIS WORKS has alot of upgrades
    for 1970 Camaros. They have bolt in 70 Camaro adjustable
    shocks. They also have 67-81 g-connectors and 67-81 g-
    support which are 70 Camaro sub frame connectors and 70
    Camaro under body bracing. They also have 70 Camaro
    roll bars and 70 Camaro roll cages, and g-bar rear-
    suspension kits, and lots more. Tubular control arms for a
    70 Camaro might be in stock.
  • YEAR ONE has restoration parts for alot of different cars
    including 1970 Camaros. If they don't have it, then it
    probably isn't available NOS or aftermarket. Do you need
    some door panels for a 70 Camaro or even some kick
    panels for a 1970 Camaro SS? They probably have them
    in stock and should have anything that you need for a 1970
  • NPD NATIONAL PARTS DEPOT is another large supplier
    of parts for 70 Camaros. They have a few warehouses so
    you get your 70 Camaro z28, SS, and RS parts real fast.
    They might have 1970 Camaro shifters and clutches and a
    70 Camaro Z-bar or shifter linkage.
  • THE PARTS PLACE has alot of parts for the Camaro as
    well as alot of other cars at the least expensive prices that
    we have seen in a while. If you are looking for cheap 70
    Camaro parts, then check them out.
  • CLASSIC INDUSTRIES is another leading supplier of
    Camaro parts. They might have the cheapest 70 Camaro
    rear body panel and the cheapest 70 Camaro trunk floor.
  • PADDOCK PARTS is also another huge supplier of parts
    for the 70 Camaro. They also might have the cheapest
    Camaro parts. Click on the name and check the prices
  • RICKS FIRST GEN has more than just the first generation
    67 to 69 parts. Look in the catalogue for a 1970 Camaro
    steering wheel and the horn buttons to go with it.
  • GOODMARK INDUSTRIES is well known for superior
    quality parts for 70 Camaros. They set the standard for
    quality in my opinion. They have added alot of Camaro
    parts in the past and have alot for the 70 Camaro. Click on
    the name and check them out.
  • CAMARO HEAVEN is pretty well known here in the
    northeast for Camaro parts. I see their ads at New England
    Dragway. If you are looking for used Camaro parts, check
    them first. They have used Camaro parts and new Camaro
    parts as well. Click to see!
  • CARS INC they have Camaro parts and have a nice
    Camaro race car too. They are serious about Camaros.
    Find some 1970 parts for your Camaro or even some
    newer parts for your 70 Camaro.
  • TRIM PARTS is not just trim related parts. Try them for
    your 70 Camaro Z28 emblems.
  • ECKLERS CAMARO PARTS is an awesome source for
    parts and accessories for 1970 Camaros. Ricks and
    Ecklers are now the same, where as one joined or bought
    out the other or somethin like that. We liked both and now
    are even better. Check them out and compare the prices
    with some of the other companies that we have listed. And
    please BOOKMARK US! So you can come back for the
    best Camaro links.
  • SHERMAN PARTS  has a bunch of parts for the 1970
    Camaro Like a 1970 Camaro rocker panel and a 70
    Camaro door skin and a 70 Camaro RS SS grille and the
    split bumper. They also have lots more than just what we
    suggest and if you click on the link you will see!
  • GROUND UP is like the name implies, make a 1970
    Camaro restored from the GROUND UP. In other words,
    they have alot of parts for Camaros!!
    ERACER Camaro  [not eraser] that came out like "my
    dream car"and they are doing a 67 Camaro for Dale Jr.
    They do some of the best work and engineer some of their
    own high performance parts that will make your 70 Camaro
    screw down the Quarter mile and also around the twists.
  • D&R CLASSIC AUTOMOTIVE has alot of stuff for your
    1970 Camaro. They list 70 Camaro weatherstrip and 70
    Camaro fuel lines and hoses and 70 Camaro fuel line
    clamps. Browse the catalogue online by clicking on the
  • AMES PERFORMANCE specializes in the sister to the
    Camaro { Firebird and T/A } but alot of the stuff is shared
    between the two vehicles like 70 Camaro trunk lids and
    trunk pans and 70 Camaro frame rails and floors and 70
    Camaro radiator supports and door skins and 70 Camaro
    windows and more, check them out.
  • CPU CAR PARTS has alot of restoration parts for 70
    Camaros and more. Are you looking for 1970 Camaro
    RSSS window cranks? How about some window seals?
    Click to check them out as well.
  • AMERICAN RESTORATION PARTS has exactly as their
    name suggests --- parts for American cars. Do you want a
    1970 Chevrolet Camaro headlight switch? How about a 70
    Camaro battery tray or some SS wheels? So many choices!
  • LUTTY'S CHEVY has alot of 70 Camaro parts and their
    catalogue is great! They list a 1970 Camaro bezel and a 70
    Camaro center console and 1970 Camaro knobs and 1970
    Camaro trunk weatherstrip. They also list a 70 Camaro
    mirror and lenses and seat belts for an 1970 Camaro. We
    had no idea that they so many Camaro parts.
  • EARLY BIRDS has parts for the 70 Camaro and 70
    Firebird. Try them to look for a 70 Z28 headliner.
  • E-BAY search for Camaro parts. If you haven't tried E-BAY
    yet, then you aren't really looking yet.
  • AMERICAN AUTO WIRE has the 70 Camaro wiring
    harness that you need for a great price. They also have
    some 1970 Camaro wiring connectors and upgrades to the
    wiring in your 1970 70 Camaro.
  • DAKOTA DIGITAL has some really cool 70 Camaro digital
    gauges and some 1970 Camaro speedometers. Check
    them out for more really cool stuff too!
  • SEMASAN is {SEMA =Specialty Equipment Market
    Association} plus {SAN= SEMA Action Network} and when
    you put the two together you get one BADASS network of
    people that stand together for our automotive hobby. They
    just came out with something called the tag and title
    toolbox that is full of information about codes and statutes
    providing guidance on titling and registering unique
    vehicles. Information on specific equipment and emissions
    exemptions for different types of vehicles. And there are
    also some printable forms and publications necessary to
    register and title your vehicle. All this is also sorted by the
    States! I LOVE IT!
  • FACTORY INVOICES  for the 67 Camaro, for the 69
    Camaro, for the 70 Camaro, for 71 Camaro, for 72
    Camaro, 67 Corvette, 69 Corvette, 70 Corvette, 71
    Corvette, 69 Nova, 70 Nova, 67 Chevelle, 69 Chevelle, 70
    Chevelle, 71 Chevelle, 67 Impala SS, 69 Impala, and some
    for the 70 Monte Carlo.
  • HARMONS  I did not know that Harmons offered parts for
    1970 Camaros. Check them out, you'll be surprised at the
    good quality parts and the low prices!
  • COMPETITIVE AUTOMOTIVE In Warwick Rhode Island
    has alot of parts for Camaros and Chevelles and Firebirds
    and Novas. Give them a call for your needs. Earl knows
    more than you can imagine about GM muscle cars. I called
    him  and learned something that I didn't know about my
    Firebird. 4 0 1 - 7 3 9 - 6 2 6 2 . The link only goes to the E-
    BAY site, which doesn't have everything listed, so call
    them for your needs!
    attend in the New England area with over 7,000 vehicles
    registered last year. Go and do a burnout till your tires pop
    or watch someone do a burnout till their tires pop. Now at
    Thompson Speedway. Summer Nationals are not in
    downtown Worcester.
  • COKER TIRE has 1970 Camaro reproduction tires like the
    redline tires that originally came on the Camaro from the
    factory, or the Goodyear tires that originally came on the
    Camaro and lots more that came on other vehicles from
    the factory.
  • SPECIALTY POWER WINDOWS Are you looking for a
    1970 Camaro power window package? Check them out for
    direct fit power windows for your 70 Camaro.
  • CLASSIC CHEVROLET PARTS INC  Has parts for the
    1970 Camaro with this link bringing you to the online
    catalogue. They list Camaro body parts and Camaro wiring
    harnesses and Camaro wiring connectors so check them
  • GM SALVAGE YARD has a section for first gen Camaro
    parts and second gen Camaro parts and third gen Camaro
    parts. They also have some cars for sale. This is a real
    nice website for a salvage yard in California so click on it
    and you should like it!
15" REAR
16" REAR
17" REAR
Camaro = 5"
Firebird =
Camaro = 5"
Firebird =
Camaro = 9"
Firebird = 10"
Camaro = 9"
Firebird = 10"
Camaro =
Firebird =
Camaro =
Firebird =
285/55 or less
285/50 or less
315/40 or
315/30 or
This information was from a Car Craft article on this subject that was entitled
Thanks to
"Weld Wheels" for the information in the article!
You will need to remove the outer rear seatbelt anchor/retractor and flatten/modify the bulge in the
rear wheel well with a hammer!
There may be lower control arm contact with some steering gears!
17 and 18 inch is said to be a really tight fit and success will vary from vehicle to vehicle
The steering stops and/or the lower control arms should be modified to prevent contact with the
17" and 18" combos!
Also "A" Body Chevelle, Skylark. Cutlass for 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 and 72 and "A & G" Body for
7879 80 81 82 83 84 85 86and 87,
and 65 66 67 68 94 95 96 97 98 99 and 2000 Mustang and 67 and 68 Cougar are included in the
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I want the car above to have a paint job like the one
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